Sunday, January 1, 2012

I'M FULL OF KRAUT............

Archie and I  had a  nice dinner at Fred and Bev's house.  Their son, Matt, his girlfriend, Sarah and two other young couples were there.  Plus my other friends, Sue and Sarah.  Then we sat around and snacked and talked while the teenagers played WII.  Went home about 9. 

Went over to the firehall today for pork and kraut with Dad and Sarah.  Someone said they sold over 500 tickets by noon.  It's always so good.  Went home about 3.  Some rain this after but it was a beautiful day.  Around 50 degrees.  Tomorrow it is suppose to be 37 and the next day, not out of the 20's. 

Hope everyone had a safe New Years Eve, and a Happy New Years' Day.


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country life said...

Sounds almost like the weather we are having here :)