Sunday, January 22, 2012


Got about 3-4" with a layer of freezing rain on top.  Quite nasty to shovel, so I didn't.  S'pose to be in the mid to high 40's this week.  Nature gave it to me, nature can take it away. 

Finally got rid of the couch.  Always hurt my back, so I turned it over to Cleo.  Then she passed and the other two dogs preferred the settee.  So, I got it's cushion re-upholstered in a strong, dark red, denium type.  Looks good, got it covered with an old curtain that was up at the sliding doors that Fred removed.  Have another on the new chair, room looks bigger with less furniture.

Daisy gets her stitches out tomorrow, then I have a dentist appointment for cleaning.  They're gonna want to do xrays and I'm not gonna let them.  Not in the budget, and, besides, the last two times everything was OK.



Dizzy-Dick said...

When I liv3% in PA, I always said that God put the snow there and He could and would take it away. Also, I refuse to have un-neccesary X-ray taken.

Odysseus said...

Better the freezing rain on top than under, we call that Mid-Missouri Mix.

HossBoss said...

Ha! Had to chuckle when I read, 'Nature gave it to me. Nature can take it away!'

I don't blame you either telling the dentist what you do and don't want done. They need to understand, most of us are living an ala carte existence there days ...having to choose between what we can and cannot afford to do at one time.