Monday, January 23, 2012


Wow, is it ever foggy.  I'm about to cancel the dentist appointment.  Taking Daisy is no problem, that's only a couple of miles.  The snow is just fading away as it's suppose to be in the 50's!!

Joe Paterno died yesterday.  They're saying it was lung cancer, but, I think it was a broken heart.  Penn State did him wrong.  The whole mess is rotten.   There should be a special place in hell for jerks like Sandusky.

So, now ole Newt has the upper hand.  Then Romney, then Santorum.  What a bunch of bananas!  (See posting of Jan 18th).  My cousin is probably thrilled, she thought Newt was THE most intelligent of all the candidates.  I think he's too wishy-washy and goes which ever the wind blows.  I'm still leaning towards Ron Paul, my other cousin says his foreign policy stinks.  I told him f**k foreign policy, bring our troops home, tell everyone who is living in a foreign land, you got 30 days to get your butts home.  Then close and guard the boarders.  Radical isn't it.  Maybe we need a dose of radical, just MHO.


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