Saturday, December 31, 2011

HAPPY NEW YEAR...........

A big 'Howdy-Do to  I love her header photo.

Found the little do-hickey (another tech-term).  So all is well.  Kinda nice to end this dreadful year on a happy note. 

Best wishes to all of my blogging buddies.  I wish we could all meet sometime.  I feel like I know you guys and gals so well.

Made a some resolutions......
     1.  Try to be a little more kinder, everybody is fighting some kind of battle.
     2.  Try not to be judgemental of someone else.  See #1.
     3.  Continue to lose weight and eat right.
     4.  Be more active.  It is so easy to sit at the 'puter and surf all day.
     5.  Keep a cleaner house.  (Ugh, hate housework)
     6.  Stay off of Amazon and outa book stores for at least six months.
     7.  Shoot more.  Getting a little lax about home defense.

So, everyone have a safe and joyous New Year.  Pray for our President....Psalm 109:8

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