Thursday, April 26, 2012

RAIN, RAIN, RAIN............

and more rain.  I am SSSOOO glad I mowed yesterday.  This should help with getting the burn ban off.  So, sitting here, having a second cuppa, with Elijah (20+ lb cat) on my lap, trying to type, trying to think about what to get into. 
Feeling a little better today except for the dizzy feeling.  And, NO I was never a blond, back in the day, I was a red head.  Went with my irish temper, Irish from my paternal, great grandmother, Agnes.  Although I don't remember her having a temper, just being a sweet and quiet lady.  And Irish from my maternal grandmother, Elzina, also a sweet, sweet lady.  Throw in a tad of German and the rest English and there you have ME.  AAHHH, I love genealogy.
Got an email from Mike, a lady I worked with.  She wanted to know if I was available sometime in May,  for a visit from her and Marie, my old boss.  Great gals, we have lunch once in a while.  Geesh, now I'll really have to clean house and get the rest of the yard done.  PRESSURE!!!!!  STRESS!!!!!
I'm 2/3's thru my bucket list for this spring.  Good thing it was a cool.



rvsue said...

Hi, Sharon!

Just a little hello from another former redhead,the Scottish kind. Enjoyed your post . . . My sister did our geneology some years ago. It's so interesting to learn about those people of long ago.

You're in PA and I'm in AZ and the rain is hitting us both. Enjoy the day!

SHARON said...

Hi Sue!!! Good to hear from you.
I've been doing the family genealogy for over 40 years. Before computers, it was a lot of footwork.
Hasn't rained here since morning, but is cloudy and cold. Same for tomorrow.