Tuesday, April 24, 2012


now I'm back up to 24 followers.  Sometimes I think Blogger is haunted. 

Dogs are driving me bonkers.  In and Out every hour.  Don't know why.  Could leave them out but they bark and carry on at the Amish buggies. 

Beautiful, sun-shiny day.  Guess Mother Nature ran out of water.  We had almost 2 1/2" of rain in two days.  Not enuf, but, it helps.  Still have the burn ban on for the county.

Just went out and got another armload of wood.  Silly weather.

Gotta go vote and take dad's GMC to Sam's for LOF.



Stephen said...

Blogger can be a pain at times but then again its free. Wish we had cooler weather down here. I hate summer, well, other than watermelon and the Independence Day.

SHARON said...

Love watermelon, Archie helps me eat it. I assume you're talking about the holiday and not the movie. Altho, it is one of my favorites....holidays and movie.
Thanks for checking in Stephen, hope all is well.

Stephen said...

Yes, the holiday. Otherwise, summer is wasted on me.