Saturday, April 14, 2012


First, a big 'Hi there' to    Frugal Canadian Hermit.   I've been following your blog for a long time, nice to see you've hit the 'follow' button.

So now, sitting here on this beautiful Saturday morning having my first cuppa.  Fred is coming down to do some more work.  If he gets the lattuce enclosures done today, then all I have to do is paint the big boards that go around the bottom of the porch, paint the Bilco door and pressure was the house.  Then the outside is done.  Still have two more flower bed to do and finish raking the upper yard.  Worse is done.  I bet we will go from this cold spring right into a hot summer.  Weather seems as screwed up as the rest of this country. 

Went to the doctors on Wednesday, seems all this hip pain is coming from my back.  He changed my anti-inflam meds and the hip pain is gone.  Knee pain is still there but not as bad.  X-rays showed old arthur in the knees, so it'll be something to put up with like the rest of my family.  What doesn't kill ya makes ya stronger, eh?

So, Santorum has bit the dust.  'They' must've threatened him with something, 'cause he sure quit in a hurry.  They're all a bunch of bananas, not a good one in the bunch, both parties.  Our forefathers must be rolling over in their graves.  All though some of them were kinda cheesy too.

Gotta go, get more coffee,


Frugal Canadian Hermit said...

Hey Sharon, thanks for the mention. About the joint pain, my bad knee has been giving me a bunch of problem a few days ago and then we recieved a new bunch of rainy snow then pure snow. I'm starting to believe that my knee was trying to tell me something.

SHARON said...

Wow, a 'weather knee'. Sometimes I think my whole body would qualify. Looks like we might get some rain this evening. Really dry down here in PA, burn ban on. Thanks for dropping by.

Selous Scout said...

What doesn't kill ya, just keeps eatin away at ya till you give up!

Romney was groomed to win since 2008.
The Establishment choice. The only thing worse than voting for him is not voting against Obama.

We are so screwed!

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SHARON said...

SS, you are so right. We are screwed blue and tattooed. PA's primary is tomorrow. Guess I'll throw my vote away on Ron Paul.