Saturday, April 7, 2012


Have spent the past two weeks working in the yard, taking advantage of this cool weather.  Spread about 50 bags of mulch, restored the stone walk where the propane guy dug the trench last fall for the gas line.  Then redid the stone walls, one more to go around the big flower bed, mulch it and then the bed on the north side of the barn.  Don't know about the south bed.  It's gonna take some time for sure.  Still need to rake the upper yard, but I'll do that next week.

Going to Sue and Sarah's mom's tomorrow, at the farm.  Friend Sheila is coming down, so we'll have a blast, no doubt. 

Had two more shootings in the city north of me.  The little store where I get the mulch was broken into, but they ran when the alarm sounded.  Dave, the owner, told me that through first twenty years he never had a problem.  In the last ten, he has lost count of the break ins.  They were probably after lottery tickets or cigs.  Can't imagine there be any money in the tills.  Glad I have these three mouthy dogs.

Dad is starting to sort stuff for the sale.  He is really not into this one.  I think his 'keep' pile is bigger than his 'sell' pile.  And, getting bigger.  Oh well, what he doesn't sell this time, I'll have to sell after he's gone.  Doesn't much matter and no use fussin' with him about it.

Gotta go, put air in the wheelbarrel tire, again.



Red Woman said...

Have a wonderful Easter!


SHARON said...

Thanks, Red and back at ya!

HermitJim said...

Things are getting more and more out of control, it seems.

Keep on feeding those hungry dogs! You may need 'em...though I certainly hope that is never the case!

Happy Easter!

SHARON said...

Hey HJ, good to hear from you. I feed them well, for sure. Daisy is VERY protective. Archie and Coco are just mouthy. Plus, I have several 'little shiny things' around the house, that'll go boom. Hope and pray it NEVER comes to that.