Saturday, November 24, 2012


I can't believe it's been over a month since I sat down at this blog.  Haven' t really been too busy.  Just nothin' to say, I guess.  Since the election turned out like I figured it would, and, the economy is still in the shitter, we haven't brought the troops home yet, the illegals are still here, gas goes up, gas comes down, etc, etc, .'s the same old crap, just a different day, week, month....whatever.
Lost a cat on Wednesday.  Had to put her down.  Miss Lillie was 12, throwing up a lot, 3 teeth in her mouth and one of them was loose.  I told the vet that maybe she was eating too fast, plus, couldn't chew the food properly.  But then I asked her to feel her belly because I thought there was a bulge.  Sure enuf, there was a mass about the size of a tennis ball.  So, she went home to her mom, who passed in July of 2009.  I can visulize her sitting on a chair, waiting for her cat to show up.  But still, it another loss of a connection to a dear friend.
Dad is still doing OK.  Lotta  pain in his knees, and I think ole 'Arthur' is takin' hold in every joint of his 94 year-old body.  We had a nice thanksgiving dinner at a little church over by the river.  Fantastic food served family style just for a donation.  Then, one fella told us, they take the money to town and tell the super market guy they have this much money, and, they want to buy food for the food bank, and, he gives them twice as much food.  Whatta win-win situation.
Had a house fire down in the village this evening.  I called my friend Cindy to make sure she wasn't on fire and asked about Miss Mary up the road, and, she's OK.  Nobody was hurt, lotta smoke, it was electrical.  Tons of equipment went pass my house.  The fire police came down the road, passed my house and settled in up at the cross roads to keep people away.  I left for milk, came back, and, they motioned for me to turn.  I put my window down and told them, "I live down this road."  "Well, maaaam, I don't know if you can get to your house, what's the number?"  "I just live on the other side of the bridge."  "What bridge?"  I now knew I was in trouble.  "The bridge you just crossed when you came down the road an hour a go."  "What's your house number?"  "420"  "OK, you're gonna be fine."   Then they moved the cones.  I know why firemen call the fire police 'cone-chuckers'.  You'd think they were GOD's gift to traffic.  Thought I was gonna have to drive thru Henry's cornfield to get home.
Weather guy says snow's comin'.  Matt and Fred came down this after and went to Dad's to get my snow blower.  While here, they split some wood for me.  So, between the wood stoves, gas furnaces, Eden Pure electric heater in the kitchen.  It's all good!!!
Gotta go, it's good to be back, noticed a few people I follow haven't been on in a while either.  Hope all is OK.



Stephen said...

Welcome back, Sharon. Nice to see you again, and sorry about your pet. I've a small cemetery in my back yard with three headstones (seashells) of lost friends.

Dizzy-Dick said...

Glad to see you back. Sorry to hear that your Dad is in pain and that you lost a pet. We consider our pets to be our kids. They say it is illegal to have your pet buried with you in a cemetery but you can be buried with your pet in a pet cemetery and it is cheaper. That was on the news yesterday.