Monday, March 5, 2012


Just got a call from the insurance company.  Didn't recognize the number so I let it go to voice mail.  It was the claims department.  They had just got the police report and IT WAS MY FAULT!!!  I am so pissed, how can it be my fault when HE hit the side of my truck.  I did not hit him.  Oh, this ain't over.

On a better note.......Saturday, I cut up a wheel barrel load of fire wood and chop some kindling in the morning, as it was raining.  Later the sun came out, I washed the truck and the car.  I think it's been at least 10 years since I've washed them at home.  The car wash is convenient but at $10 a clip, not going there.  Only took an hour for both, but, my back wasn't happy.  The fire company was selling speghetti dinners, I went for take out.  Wasn't bad, good cause.

Sunday, cleaned house. Well, half of it.  Will attack the rest a day at a time.  Expect snow, with blowing, gusting winds, any day now.  Sue and Sarah came over from the farm so Sarah could cut Coco's nails.  Suzy brought me a piece of lemon pie and veggie chili.  MMMMM good.  I gave them a bag of books that Fred's wife had sent down.  Told them to take what they want and pass them on.

Need to finish cleaning the bathroom and take a shower, head to PO and then dad's.

Pray for the folks that went thru the terrible storms.


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