Monday, November 23, 2015


but, things have calmed down again.  Stella and Elliott, a cat, both had UTI's this summer, so everyone is on distilled water and special food.  Had a brain fart and had my water tested.  Failed for bacteria and nitrates, so, a new water conditioner, UV light, reverse osmosis, filters etc., etc. will be installed tomorrow.  It will cost me more than my first new car.

Dad is about the same.  Everyday he does something worthwhile.  Last Wednesday he polished all of his shoes.  Thursday he worked on the lawn mower.  It gives him a sense of accomplishment and makes him happy.

My friend Bobby and his two sons, Ethan and Matt are on their way to Brazil for two weeks.  Sounds like a great trip for the guys.  When the boys were small, the three of them would go hiking in the woods turning over rocks to look for snakes and other critters.  They love the outdoors.  Praying they stay safe.

So, that's it for the Meadow House.  Y'all have a great Thanksgiving and stay safe in these wicked times.


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