Sunday, December 7, 2014


but eventually, left.  Who?  You say.  A huge buzzard, sitting in my maple tree since yesterday morning.  Saturday was a dreadful, cold, rainy, foggy day.  He must have just gotten too wet and cold, plus, no thermals to glide on.  So, he, or she, hung out at the Meadowhouse for a while.  Today is warm and sunny.  Buzzard took off about 7:30 when I let the dogs out.  Sorry, no pics.
I was told the reason we have so many of these birds around this area is because of wars.  Buzzards would follow the battles. There were two major wars in this area, the Revolution and the Civil War.  Disgusting thought but necessary I guess.

Had three friends in the hospital this past week and one in the ER.  First friend, 56, went in for a cat bite on Sunday, after self-medicating for a week.  Admitted, operation on Monday, sliced the finger from tip to hand, to get at the infection and left it open to drain.  IV blew 4 times, she is not gonna get the Patient of the Year Award.  Operated again on Thursday to close.  Should be home by now.
Second friend, 55, became sicker and sicker and finally relented; her son took her into the ER, admitted, test done, found out she was a diabetic, plus, after a heart cath, needed a quadruple by-pass.  After 4 days without a shower, and not yet having the operation, she freaked at the nurses.  They relented after she signed a waiver, took her to the shower, told her they would be outside waiting.  She finished, went out into the hall and no one was there, so she went back to her room.  The nurses started to give her hell, she freaked out at them again.  She too, will not get Patient of the Year.  The third friend, 60, went into the hospital on Thursday, something with her stomach and pancreas, again.  Haven't heard how she is.  The fourth friend, 62, was taken into the hospital last Friday, by ambulance, from the doctor's office.  Got a call from her granddaughter, who was with her, asking me to go up to the doctor's office and get two of her eight dogs and take them home.  One is a Chihuahua that hates me, the other one is a Pit Bull that doesn't yet know me.  Oh joy.  Go down to her house and pick up the other 3 grandkids, go to town, get dogs, bring home, go up to the hospital, she's released.  Take her to her van, she follows me back to her house.  On Sunday, picked them up after church, take out for pizza.  Asked the kids if they knew why we went for pizza, they didn't.  Told them because they were so brave and helpful on Friday when their grandmother needed them.  They were pleased.  They don't get much 'Atta boys' from their parents.

That's been my week.  On the up side, Dad's about the same, we are still getting along better, PTL. 

Had to get a new alternator for the truck.  With 216,000 miles on it, am not complaining.



Dizzy-Dick said...

The chance of going to the hospital goes up as our age goes up. I will fight it tooth and nail, but it is a losing battle.

SHARON said...

Yes, I agree, but, sometimes it is a necessary evil, eh?

Dizzy-Dick said...

Hey, you haven't posted for awhile. Is everything OK? That old buzzard in the tree in your back yard didn't get you did it?

SHARON said...

HA! Nah, and if he had, he would've surely spit me out. I've been really busy of late, rescued another dog and she has taken up a lot of time. Guess I had better put that story in the blog.
Thanks for caring. Have a Merry Christmas and a safe, Happy New Year.