Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Well, just got home from a memorial service.  An old friends' father.  I went to high school with his children, in fact, I graduated with the youngest daughter and hadn't seen her since we got out of school.  She looked really good but I don't remember her husband being that handsome when we were all in school.   Their father was 93 and he chose not to go to the hospital and no IV's or heroic measures.  A brave man.  He was tired and wanted to go home.  

My dad is 91 and I treasure every day I get to see him.  He is still restoring tractors, doesn't do much mechanical work anymore, has friends for that, but he still does his own painting.  The current one he is working on is a 1941 Farmall H.  He has bought, restored and sold probably 35. He still has two JD620, a JD720, which is his favorite, a JD60, a 1948 Farmall H all restored, and a 'new generation' JD1020 with a loader.  He calls that one his 'hired man'.

I couldn't believe it was snowing when I was in town.  Coming down like a blizzard, but, didn't last long.  The weather is suppose to turn much colder by the weekend and they are calling for snow Friday and Saturday.  Better get more wood in.  Snuggle time coming.

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