Monday, January 25, 2010


Well, only one post and I already changed the name from Knee Deep in Work to Meadow House Musings.  There were other Knee Deeps out there.  I am sure the world will still beat a path to my door.

Went to the doctors' today.  Just a check up.  He yelled at me 'cause my cholesterol is too high.  Well, he didn't really yell, 'cause I'm old enuf to be his mother.  But, I told him I am not taking meds, they make me feel like crap.  He talked me into Nyacin which is a 'beefed-up Vitamin B6.  I told him I'll try it for a month.  Then more blood work and another appointment.  I go to the doctors more in a year than my grandparents went their entire life.   Lost 5 more pounds.  Woo-Woo!!!!!

Then stopped to see a friends new computer.  He went to the 'dark side' and got an Apple.  No tower.  Its in the screen.  Pretty fancy.  $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$  I'll stick with HP.  His parents then invited me to stay for supper.  Never turn down a free meal.  We had a nice visit.  His dad is like a brother to me, plus, he's my carpenter.  Got plans for him this spring.  Gonna take out the back sliding door, put in a window.  This eliminates the $%^&* steps that I've fallen down twice.  Then we'll put a new door out of the laundry room onto a small deck.  The only down side is I'll have to carry the wood farther.  Unless I can throw it in the open window.  HMMMMMM??? We'll see.


HossBoss said...

It's a wonder our grandparents and great grandparents lived so long and so well without 'modern medicine'...right? Yeah, right! I have a simple philosophy for doctors ...if it ain't broke, don't fix it! I don't take flu shots either. I did have a flu shot once back in the early 90's. Had the flu three times that winter. So much for preventive measures!

I don't have a clear picture of your layout to understand why you have to carry the wood further. But would it be possible to have your carpenter build a chute on the outside wall for you ...maybe that dropped the the wood into a box in your basement? Just a thought. : )

SHARON said...

Don't have a basement. When they built this house, it was just 4 rooms with the bathroom in the barn. The old man who had it constructed wouldn't recognize it now. If I take out the sliding door, which is in the back of the house and a straight shot to the wood shed, and put a new door in the laundry room, I'll have to come in the laundry room and around the corner to get to the stove. I need the exercise anyhow.
On Monday, my new doctor asked me if I had or wanted a flu shot. I said NO! Never get one, Never will. He just smiled and said, OK OK!