Friday, January 29, 2010


Alfred Hitchcock should've been here this morning when I looked out my back door,the yard and field were completely covered with black birds; maybe some grackles and cow birds too. Now I don't mind feeding the birds but these guys would wipe me out in about 10 minutes, except for the one feeder. It has a wire screen around it so just the little guys can get in to the seeds. That big ole black bird sat there, turning his head every which way, trying to get at the seed. The little finch landed, went in (I swear he stuck his tongue out), got a seed and hopped on out and away. I loaded the gun, stealthily went out the door, some of them, on hearing the door, started to fly away, so I fired it and off they went up to the farm. I shot a couple more times just because I could. There were so many up at the farm that when they flew, it looked like a giant centipede crawling through the field.
Still haven't got that rat. I think the peanut butter is froze. Tomorrow, I'll get it out of there and put some cheese on it. If anyone out there knows of something better, let me know. I hate rats.


HossBoss said...

We have a lot of cardinals and finches around our feeder. The cardinals let us know when it's empty too. They are very persistent little buggers!

Yesterday, I looked out the front window and there were two redtail hawks sitting on our round pen. While I was watching, one of them flew over to the gatepost leading into the front yard. I was mesmerized and amazed to see even one that close to the house ...but two of them was really cool! Then I realized that our three hens were in the front yard. Yikes ...those hawks were contemplating a chicken dinner!

I grabbed my coat and the dog and went out the door to gather the hens. The hawks flew off when I rounded the corner of the house, probably annoyed that I had spoiled their plans. Usually the dog (60 lb boxer) is out in the yard with the hens. They follow the dog around as if she's their mascot but that's probably keeps them safe from the hawks most of the time. Still, we love seeing the hawks.

SHARON said...

Several years ago we got a puppy. She was the runt of a litter of 5. No bigger than a hamster and since we have several red-tails in the valley, every time one of us took her out, we would practically stand over her to protect her. They would fly over the yard, drooling. Saw one last fall, swooped right over the house and got a finch in the flower bed.

HossBoss said...

They're amazing raptors. We're particularly fond of the redtails but we're kind of fond of our chickens too. Our boxer does a good job watching over them. They harrass her no end, following her everywhere and even eating her dog food ...she has the patience of Job with them. Gotta love a dog that's trustworthy with chickens!

Anonymous said...

Stay with the peanut butter on the trap, put the hole in the can facing a wall or corner but leave enough room for the critter to get through. Rats and mice prefer to travel next to walls rather than across open areas. I have trapped a bunch of them and peanut butter is far and away the most productive bait.

SHARON said...

Saw the bugger again this morning. He goes out for the cracked corn I put down for the doves and ground feeders. Has not gone near the trash can. I wonder if the p-butter is frozen so he is not smelling it. I'll put some fresh in tomorrow. I saw him go across the flower bed, so I think he has a second hole at the corner of the house. Time for plan B. Thanks for the imput.