Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Been sorta a busy week, so far. New dogs are doing great, I saw Coco run this morning for the first time. Of course, it's cooler now. Daisy sleeps with Archie and I. Archie tolerates her but rolls that little lip at Coco.
Little Mary Fiona is progressing along. I take her this after to get her stitches removed. I think I'll make an appointment for the new dogs also. I know they didn't have the $$$ for shots last year or this year.
The only update I heard on the Amish boy was he is in intensive care with serious injuries. I might hear something at the vets 'cause her mom is friends with a lot of Amish.
Took the truck for service on Monday. Then went back on Tuesday to pick up Dad. My bill was $36, his was $954. He was there on Monday also, and they told him what was needed. There was so much rust, the rotors and brake pads needed replaced along with the tie-rod dingy. They took him back in the shop to show him. Then he was a believer. The truck is an 02 GMC and only has 61K miles on it. But he keeps it in the poll barn and its damp in there. He kept saying, 'It shouldn't of happened.' I don't think he has ever had that big of a garage bill. I told him he shoulda bought a Dodge! The whole family is GMC, I'm the only one who is Chrysler. Such a rebel am I.
Anyhow, while his truck was getting done, we went to the lawyers to update our wills. I had been to another lawyer two years ago, but didn't like how she settled my friends estate. I wanted to get away from her. Mrs Kirk recommended Jay and we liked him, very much. If there is such a thing as an honest lawyer, he's it. Dad and I wanted to make sure we didn't have to dole out a bunch of inheritance tax when we go. I don't think our government deserves it. They are not good stewards of our money, are they?
I guess I should mow the yard, but, I'm so not in to it. I need to clean the house too, and do some laundry.



Michael Ultra said...

I always shop around for car work. Did you go to a dealer?

SHARON said...

Yeh, I've always got this truck serviced at the dealer. We've had our ups and downs but I have them beaten into submission.