Sunday, August 21, 2011


Wow, it just freakin' poured for about 40 minutes, sorry Texas. Sue and Sarah just left between storms. Coco is sure walking better now that her nails are clipped. They got to meet little miss Mary Fiona and pernounced her adorable. They are always bringing me something. Two weeks ago, Sue gave me a big bag of T-Shirts and brought another one today. I was wearing one on Friday when we went out and told her it is SO comfortable, I want to be buried in it. LOL, I'm being cremated. So she brought a second one today. Of course they always bring goodies for the kids too.
It's still thundering over at the river, looks like more storm is brewing.



HossBoss said...

Oi! Yer killin' me talkin' about all the RAIN yer gittin!

Seriously, I'm happy for you and the landowners and gardeners around you. The only thing that would make this drought worse is to have it encompassing even more states. A lot of born and bred Texans take a winter vacation somewhere north from time to time to 'see snow.' A few more years like this and they will be vacationing in the northeast in the spring to see RAIN! Ugh!

Groundhog said...

Thanks for the kind condolences :)