Saturday, August 13, 2011


There was a benefit yard sale today for a young, local fellow. He has a disease that is shutting down his kidneys. He is only 21, and has started on dialysis. It was held up at the local Quaker Meeting house. A lot of nice old shade trees, plenty of parking. Well, about 12:30 the sky opened up without a warning and it started to pour. Kept it up for about a half hour, I'm sure it cut into their profits but I still think they did OK.

I left there after the rain let up and went to dad's. He said two of his neighbors had gas stolen out of their vehicles. He parks everything inside so they didn't bother him. I keep the car parked right at the bedroom window, but the truck is back at the end of the driveway at the barn. But nothing gets pasts these dogs. They would be on them like white on rice.

On a sadder note, we had a homicide over at the county line last week. A fellow was house sitting for his sister and her husband and in-laws while they went to the outer banks. Seems he was coming back from the grocery store in a neighboring town and this couple flagged him down. They ended up shooting him and throwing his body down over the bank toward the river. The next day a motorcyclist was looking for something that had fallen off of his bike and he spied a flip-flop, then a hat and then he saw the body and called 911. They eventually got the jerks in Indiana. They said they did it to steal his truck so they could sell it. Ya can't fix stupid.

Little miss Mary Fiona is doing wonderful. Keeps herself entertained in the big carrier I have her in. Chasing the two stuffed mice and the ball. She is eating and poopin' up a storm. The minute I pick her up to give her the meds, she starts purring. Aunt Trudy and Uncle Philip were here on Friday and Trudy fell in love with the little thing. But, she has 7 cats and a dog. I guess I've resigned myself to keeping her.

Coco and Daisy are also doing great. I am truly blessed to have found them in need of a home as much as they are truly blessed to have found me to give them one.

Now, its raining again. Sorry Texas. This is the fourth little storm that's went thru. Suppose to rain tomorrow also. Bring it on.



HossBoss said...

Glad to hear someone's getting rain. It's bad enough here that a lot of ranchers are selling half their herds to be able to afford hay to feed the half they keep. If the drought goes on much longer, any hay to be bought will have to come from out of state ...making it even more expensive. But if Texas can't have rain, I'm glad others states can ...else there would be no hay to be had at all.

Good to hear Fiona and the new dogs are happy and settling in. Gotta love a happy ending.

: )

Anonymous said...

We got a little rain in Terlingua...but not much.