Sunday, August 7, 2011


Met my friends, Sue, Sarah and Sheila for a late lunch yesterday. This restaurant is in a strip mall that runs around a shopping mall. This is the first time I've eaten off of a senior menu!! WooHoo!! Over 55 saves money. I had a nice cup of Lobster Bisque, Baked Potato and one Chesapeake Crab Cake. It had scallops, shrimp, lobster and crab meat in it. Terrific. Tried their water, it was awful. When she came back I got a Pepsi, yuck. I'm a Coke person. We also each had a dish of pudding. I said to the waitress, "What, no Jello?"
Then Sue and Sarah paid for my meal!!!! Was not expecting that. I thanked them but asked "Why?" Sue said, "Well, you've done all that work on our family tree, and you just took on the responsibility of a new kitten and two more dogs, and, besides, we love ya!" AHHHHHH, friends, can't beat them can ya?
Mostly every Sunday, they load up their 3 dogs and go down to the farm. Their dad is gone but their mom and youngest brother still live on the farm. Mom rents the fields out to her Amish neighbor John. Nice guy, he also has a store over on the main road. They're coming over this after to help me cut Coco's nails and to meet the new kids. They will be the first visitors, should be interesting.
This morning, Coco and Daisy saw the heifers for the first time. Coco just looked at them, looked at me as if to say, "And you think I'm big?" But poor Daisy was just mezmerized. She kept staring at them, and looking at me. "What are those creatures?" They had always lived in town, so I guess this was a very new thing for them. It was quite comical. Even if I'd had the camera, I couldn't have captured the moment.
Well, must get something to eat and straighten up the house.


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