Saturday, August 6, 2011


Came home from supper last night and Coco has completely trashed the door and framing from the kitchen to the mud room. I had closed that door to keep the dogs away from the outside door and make it easier to get into the house. When I saw this, I went balistic! Now, don't get me wrong, she is a good dog. Listens when she is out, comes when called and such. But, she is a lose cannon in the house and a little squirrley. She will need further training, if I don't kill her. Trouble is, when I yelled at her, Daisey took it personally. And, she is such a little sweetheart, I felt bad.
Last night, after cleaning up the mess. I got the big carrier out of the barn loft and cleaned it up. Little Miss Fiona comes home today, and I have to keep her caged until she can walk properly and the leg is healed.
So, I must have done too much last night. This morning the left hand is swollen again, but, NO red streaks, so I figured between mowing the yard, weed eating and cleaning the carrier, the hand isn't happy.
Charley is now out and about. Sorta. We made up yesterday. He told me he was sorry. But, the hand still hurts. What's a mother to do?
Need to shower and get dressed, stop at dad's and then get the little one.
Going into the city this after to meet friends for supper.


Stopped at vets, she saw that hand was still swollen and said she would keep little Fiona a while longer. She has another cat in for the weekend so she'd be there for her. Said Fiona is no trouble and I maybe could take her home next week. Total bill.............$524.

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Anonymous said...

I have a dog that steals my shoes and carries them off into the desert. Somewhere there is a stash of my shoes and I sure wish I could find it.
Enjoy your supper.