Monday, August 8, 2011


Just called in to the doctors to update him on my hand. Now, he wants to see me at 1. Crap. She said, he is concerned about the stabbing pains that occur now and then plus the swelling that is still present.
And, dear sweet Charlie is now laying on the back of the couch, looking SO innocent.
It is a beautiful day, no humidity, nice breeze. The rain over the weekend (sorry Texas) really helped to bring down the temps. I can't believe how the leaves are falling off of the white birch trees, of course, they are alway the first to lose their leaves. We'll probably have an early fall. I need to start thinking about fire wood also. Was gonna put in gas heat this year but the $$$ is not there, yet.
Sue and Sarah came over yesterday and clipped Coco's nails. They agree with me that the former 'mom' should be shot. The 'dad' had her on Imes food, but the 'mom' switched her over to a cheaper store brand. He told me when he brought them down that when 'she' builds her house (they're separated now) she might take them back. HA, ain't gonna happen. I told him, DO NOT GIVE HER MY PHONE NUMBER AND DO NOT TELL HER WHERE I LIVE. He laughed and said OK.


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HossBoss said...

I hope your hand is okay, Sharon, but whatever the doc says ...DO IT. Don't be stubborn and don't you roll your eyes at me (you know you were!) ...blood poisoning or even just a serious flesh infection is nothing to mess around with.

It's not just about YOU, ya know just took on a bunch of new 'kids' in addition to Cleo and Archie. Where would they all be without you?