Friday, August 26, 2011

BRING IT ON............

Well, I've battened down the hatches. Not much else I can do. I should go to town tomorrow and get my medicine and cat litter. Maybe, we'll see. I'll be out anyhow, need to go to the post office and see dad. He has a birthday party to attend in the afternoon. It's a surprise, Cliff will be 82 or 83, not sure. He's another tractor guy. Still working!

The new dogs, Coco and Daisy are doing great. Little Miss Mary Fiona has started to explore the rest of the house. She hardly has a limp at all. She sure can climb the cat tree. She is so small and Coco is so big that she can walk under Coco and not touch her belly.

The new barn is under roof and most of the siding is on. Also a new heifer pen where the old barn was. Those Amish are workers and some English (that's us) were helping also.

Well, getting late. Gonna turn on TWC and see where Irene is, then potty the dogs and go to bed.


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