Tuesday, August 23, 2011


A lot of traffic on this road since the barn fire on Sunday. The barn is down and not much left of the rubble. They've been hauling it away in dump trucks. I don't know if they're going to build on the same foundation or not, since the silos weren't hurt, they might have to, or, he might just start over with all new staunchions. I haven't seen anyone to ask, maybe today.
Anyhow I was sitting on the porch last night with the dogs, the neighbor up the road (big hat, no cattle) has been hauling manure all day. Judging how long it takes him to make a trip, I am assuming it's from the farm that lost the barn. So, he goes past my house and I hear this clunk as something hits the road. He stops, and about a minute later I see this tire and wheel rolling joyfully past my house then across the road and into the meadow. That's the same meadow he got a tractor stuck in a few years ago. We sat on the porch and watched that circus also. What a clown. It's a good thing the 'village idiot' wasn't flying home at the time in his little throw-a-way car. It was just about dusk and you couldn't have seen it coming. Never a dull moment here in the valley.
Dogs are doing great, it's like they don't even miss their previous owners. Maybe I'm showing them more attention. I talk to them all the time and pet them constantly. Little Miss Mary Fiona is out and about today. I have to keep Archie on a leash 'cause he won't leave her alone. He's constantly licking her ears and smelling her butt. I think she is the smallest thing he's ever seen.
Need to get a shower and something to eat and get over to Dad's. Gotta get out of this slump. Maybe the meds I took for my infected hand caused these doldrums. They should should soon be out of my system.



Kellie said...

your title reminds of the lyrics we use to sing in 8th grade -sung to Lucille:

you picked a fine time to leave me loose wheel
with four hundred children that crap in the field

smells like a sewer and tastes like manure
and this time your hurtin wont heal

yes you picked a fine time to leave me loose wheel

I taught it to my daughters when they were young and we would sing it together and then break down into giggles! LOL! thanks for bringing that memory back! :)

Anonymous said...

I have the "Fine Time" earworm!!

SHARON said...

Kellie, glad I could provide that memory for ya! Thanks for stopping in.

Frann, I've had that 'earworm' since I saw the wheel and tire rolling down the road. Thanks for commenting.