Friday, May 6, 2011


As some of you know, every Friday morning I meet friends for breakfast at various restaurants and diners in the area. This morning my friend Jim told us that his niece applied for her passport. She plans to go to England to see a fella, but, that's another story. Anyhow, a few days passed and 'they' called her and asked if she had any alias'.
"Well, no" she said. She didn't think her nickname 'Shithead', which she just recently got tattood on her arm, applied. You have to know this girl, I met her once. Nice kid, probably in her 30's. Never married, no kids, was a truck driver like her daddy, lost her leg to a motorcycle accident. Let's just say she marches to a beat of a different drummer and lives life to the fullest.
Anyhow, 'they' said, "We have information that you also go by 'Shithead'. So, I guess Big Brother is watching, apparently closer than we think. I don't know if the name 'Shithead' will affect her obtaining a passport or not. I'll keep you informed.


Michael Ultra said...

hmmmm...I could of thought of a much better tattoo.

SHARON said...

I think she'll regret it. But, maybe not. She is a 'wild child'.