Sunday, May 29, 2011


Been in a bit of a funk this week. I think it's because of the holiday. In the past, the family ALWAYS had a big holiday celebration. On the farm is a special memory of those times. In the mountains, going up there to ride the trails and visit with Sissy and her family. They would come up from Baltimore and my parents and I and usually a friend would be there. Mom and Dad had a couple of acres on top of a mountain. Lots of trails to ride on with the dirt bikes. NO, we didn't go up there and rip and tear like some. We just enjoyed riding. All that's gone now, and, I find that I really miss the company.

I caught a few minutes of Oprah's last show on Wednesday. I liked Oprah, but I didn't live and breath by her show. After she sided with Obama, I lost respect for her. But, that was her choice, and her right. Anyhow, she said something about being valuable as a human being. And, how a lot of people don't know their value 'cause nobody has validated them. Made sense to me. That's part of this funk I'm in. I don't think it's a pity party. I just feel that losing my three best friends in two years has made me feel this way. Now, I still have LOTS of friends that love me. I meet new people that become my friends. But they can't take the place of someone who knew, and loved you in spite of yourself. Someone who was always there for you, that you could call in the middle of the night to come rescue you, no questions asked, someone who you knew was praying for you daily. Those kinds of friends are hard to find, harder to lose and, irreplaceable when they leave you. I also think a lot of people get their value through their work and when I got laid off in 2009, it too was like another death. Ya know, it just makes one feel better just to write about it. This too shall pass.

On a lighter note, I think Archie and I will go to my hometown tomorrow to see the Memorial Day Parade. I'll take pictures, and maybe I'll see someone I know.


Anonymous said...

Everybody gets in else would you know when you were having a great day..Enjoy your parade.

Home on the Range said...

Hang in there. You have a zest for living many people never even get close to, and for that much to be admired for.