Monday, May 23, 2011


Now this POS Dell is acting up. So, if I fail to post anything in the next week and a half, not to worry, I'm just waiting on my HP to come home.

I feel so bad for the people of MO and MN. Now we are under a tornado warning for the some of the counties north of here, and it's thundering now. The sky is a black/blue and it's getting real still, so I'm sure somethings gonna hit. Sure has been strange weather.

Went to two cemeteries today to get dates for the family tree. Since my sister died in 2005, there is no one to ask, and, it was her in-laws that I needed the info on. Of course, sissy would've just ask 'what do you need that for'.


HossBoss said...

Computers sure are high up the list of what stresses most people these days, included! I'm old enough (WAY old enough) to remember life before computers at the office ...let alone at HOME. We still had stress, but it was stuff like 'the car is running rough' or 'the washer is broke again' or 'can't get any clear stations on TV anymore.' Olden days stress. LOL

My husband gets nervous on two occasions ...when I'm without computer access and when I'm without my diet cola. He will jump through hoops to remedy either of those situations. I know I get a tad cranky but seeing that I make HIM nervous kind of lightens my mood. I can't possibly be scary ...can I??

I sure hope the bad weather dissipates soon. We're still dealing with prolonged drought, but we actually got a little rainfall this week and last week. My heart goes out to all the places dealing with floods and tornados. The losses, both physical and emotional, are catastrophic.

Anonymous said...

My family was never any good at passing along family history. I joined I re join one month a year to update any new info and now have my family traced back to 1660 in this country..I have has 0 rain in8 months..0% humidity face is cracking as I type.