Saturday, November 20, 2010


I sure have been lax lately with the old blog.
An update on the house....
Talked to Dwight the landscaper two weeks ago, he's starting this coming Monday. But have not heard a thing from the driveway guys.
Put down a deposit on the floor last week. I've chosen re-cycled wood from old beams. Rick takes down old buildings and refinishes the beams into flooring. Can't wait to see what that looks like. I figured it would be better than the engineered stuff just because of the dogs and cats. A little scratch and that stuff is ruined but on a real floor, it'll just add character.
Picked up the trim for the windows and will stain that before Fred puts it on. Also have to finish painting the room before the floor goes down.

Have both stoves going today, house is nice and cozy, it's a full time job, and it's not too cold yet. But, I'm sure that'll change. Been having heavy frost each morning. Then the sun comes out and helps to heat the house.


HossBoss said...

I like the idea of flooring made from recycled wood beams. It's wood that will have a lot of character to begin with and has already proven it can stand the test of time. I'm not a tree-hugger in the conventional sense but I do like extending the useful life of things by finding new purposes for them.

Always glad to hear from you whenever you feel like posting. A blog should not be an added pressure, it should be a release.

: )

SHARON said...

Thanks for the comment. I also like to recycle things. I think the flooring will fit the house and probably will be putting it in the other 3 rooms. Thanks for stopping by, always good to hear from you.