Saturday, March 9, 2013


Fred was scheduled to come down today and help me split wood.  I need him to start that cantankerous
thing.  Well, he had to work, so, I went out this morning to tear into the wood pile and pick out the longer pieces to saw up to stove size.  Dogs started barking, someone pulling into the driveway.  Oops, it's Suzie, I didn't know she was coming to help, so I didn't call her with the change in plans.  She said it didn't matter, she would help me anyway.
Dogs started barking again, and it was the neighbor, another Sue, asking me if it was OK to park in the yard.  I had noticed her husband, Kevin, with her two youngest teenage girls, on the tractor down by the creek.  "Getting firewood?"  I asked.  'No, we're fixing the fence.  Kevin wants to get a diary by the end of the year.'  "Great!" I told her.  I hope it works out.  Her youngest is 14 and wants to get into agriculture.  They plan on putting the cows back in this meadow.  Glad he's still wants to farm.
So, Suzy and I worked at it thru two gas tank fill-ups and got quite a bit in the wood shed.  Think I'll be OK till warm weather.  It was lunchtime and Sue said how about the pizza shop or the golf course.  When I came out of the house from getting the dogs settled, she suggested we go down to the river to that restaurant we ate at last summer.  Cool.  Got there, closed.  Not only closed, but empty.  Well, shit.  That was a great place to eat.  Oh well.  Back up the road to the old hotel.  Fantastic food there as well.  Not too crowded this time, usually is.  We were in work jeans and old sweatshirts, but it didn't matter.  They have a smaller building to the side that is a favorite with the bikers and their dress code is kinda...whatever.  I swear one woman had some funky kinda dress on that Sue and I thought was a sheet wrapped around her.  Anyhow, I'm sitting there facing the window towards the river and there goes an eagle!  We said something to the waitress and she said 'Oh yeah, they're are lots of them around here.'  Then she brought out a book, that some lady had put together, that had all of the eagle pics she had taken in the area.
So, all in all, what started out as a disappointment at not be able to split the wood, turned into a pretty neat day.


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