Saturday, May 18, 2013

THIS AND THAT.....................

Got the whole yard mowed yesterday and even cleaned the mower.  It's a job I hate and, sad to say, I only do it when the Toro starts sounding like a jet engine.  I love to mow, and having the whole yard done is a sense of accomplishment.  S'pose to rain the next 3 to 4 days, so there's a lot of people hustling to get their yards done.  The little pansy's are lovin' it in the troughs.  Was a bit concerned that these containers would not be deep enough but the plants are looking good.  Tulips I planted last fall have all done well but are just about done.  Think I'll get more.  I love tulips, a hassle-free flower, they just don't last long enuf.  I wish my azaleas would bloom all summer but that's not gonna happen either. 
Had just one baby robin born in the nest on the grapevine wreath hanging on the barn.  I assume its the same mama every year.  Baby is gone now.  Wonder if she'll have more.  Robins are nasty birds.  When I had the bird bath, of all the birds that showed up, they were the only ones that would drink, turn around, poop in the water and fly off.  Cretans.
Had breakfast this morning with Dad and Sarah over at the fire hall.  They raised the price to $8, but you don't go hungry.  It's buffet and you can go back as many times as you want.  It wasn't too crowded this morning.  Maybe a lot of people have started their holiday early.  Can't believe Memorial day is next weekend. 
Not much else going on.  Need to get Archie to the vet.  He's not really sick but just ADR (ain't doing right).  Might be his teeth as they are due for a cleaning.  He also keeps licking his left front paw and that's the one he screwed up the dew claw on.  When he was groomed on Monday, he REALLY pitched a fit as she was clipping his nails on that paw. 
"I'm alright mom, really, I don't think a doctor's visit is really necessary, honest."

"CRAP, she's got that look in her eye.  Bet I know where I'm headed on Monday."



Dizzy-Dick said...

My dogs know how your dog feels, for sure. He is a cute one.

SHARON said...

Thanks DD. He's my buddy for sure.