Saturday, August 10, 2013


and going to lunch with Dad and Sarah.  They are having a benefit bar-b-que over at the fire hall today for a young man in kidney failure.  He's married to a local girl but can't work, and, they are living with her parents.  He's on a transplant list.  There was another benefit lunch a few months ago for another young man, same problem.  Hope there is a good turnout. 

Had more rain yesterday and still have not finished that side flower bed, but, did manage to get the stone walk done.  I don't want to use round-up because of the moss.  I have always resisted using that stuff because of the close proximity to the creek.  But, then the road crew came by last week and sprayed down at the bridge, because the farmer is too lazy, busy, pick, to weed-whack.  What? Wait....guess I can at least use it on the drive-way, eh?

It's cloudy today, so I won't be mowing.  S'pose to be this way tomorrow also, with rain on Monday.  After lunch, think I'll come home, grab Archie and go down to Maryland and look for a cemetery.  Need pictures for a family-tree I'm working on. 


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