Friday, December 3, 2010

ONLY 22 DAYS TILL..........

The new floor will be delivered next week. Can't wait, it's gonna look so cool. I think once I get one room completely done, I'll get the ambition to do the rest. Sure would like to have everything done before the end of the year.

Two of my friends have found jobs, then quit. They were both 'sold a bill of goods', and weren't told the complete truth about the jobs. When they went to these companies, the work was something completely different. So now, no more unemployment. Both are widows, so that bites. I'm glad I'm retired.

Haven't been watching the news for some time, so I have no idea how bad things keep getting. I did hear a blurb on TWC about prison inmates getting some god-awful amount in tax returns and the IRS is 'looking into it'. DUH.

Well, I'd better punch up the stove. Thanks for dropping by.


HossBoss said...

I'm living vicariously through you at the moment ...I really want a new kitchen floor! Nothing wrong with mine structurally or functionally ...just ugly. This house was built in 1985 by a retired couple in the late 60's. It's a concrete slab with vinyl on the kitchen floor. Remember the busy busy mosaic patterned floors of the late 70's and early 80's? That would be my floor shades of brown no less. Oh well.

I am grateful to have what I have today. I'm even grateful that I want to upgrade the flooring someday me something to look forward to! LOL

Too bad about the jobs not working out for your buddies. Less than complete truths are pretty common from both sides in a job interview. I hope they find something that suits them better, or that they were just working to keep busy and won't suffer without the income.

TWC? Sorry to be ignorant but in these parts that's Texas Workforce Commission ...i.e., the Unemployment Office. What does it stand for where you are?

SHARON said...

Sorry about that, its The Weather Channel I was speaking of.
I know what you mean about waiting to do stuff. We waited 22 years for the addition. Another 10 years for what I've been doing since July. I have never done anything to this house that didn't 'feel right'. I always made sure that any changes that we did looked like they belonged.
Thanks for stopping by, I like hearing from you.