Sunday, April 3, 2011


is tomorrow morning. Went over Friday, Saturday and this morning to put the drops in. Yesterday was the spring 'Mud Sale' in the village. I think it was bigger than last year. It's a big time for our Amish neighbors. I went that way all four times just so Archie and I could look at all of the people.
I will say one thing about the fire police. Some, NOT ALL, are pricks. They put that hat on and they think they're hot stuff. Ya all know the type, Big Hat, No Cattle. One of them yelled at a friend of Dad's and he was telling us about it. I remember years ago, I went to the sale with a friend and we had her dog with us. This guy actually screamed at us NO DOGS!!!!!!!!!!! She wasn't even out of the truck, I got back in and she told him off. Haven't been back.
Well, must get over to Papa's for the last drop of the day. Got six weeks of this until both eyes are done. I'm sure he'll be glad when it over.

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