Saturday, March 9, 2013


..Havn't heard from the powers that be in Philthydelphia about the bogus ticket.

...Went to the doctors last Tuesday, check up, lost another 11 pounds.  Total of about 42.  Hoorah!!!

...Dad has been feeding a couple of stray cats.  Mother and daughter.  Mother left.  Daughter is getting rather fat.  HMMMM.  Tried scare tactic on Dad and finally got her to the vet last Tuesday.  Good news, she's NOT pregnant!!!!  SHE's a boy!!!!!  Dollie Marie is now Tommy.

Life's a gas sometimes!


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Dizzy-Dick said...

I love the way you spell that big eastern Pennsylvanian town. Both my wife and laughed at it. You have a great sense of humor.