Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Just as I was leaving Dad's yesterday, I noticed some movement to my left.
I reached down to pick him up and move him over to the bushes along side of the house, but, he took off and landed in the Tulip Poplar tree.
I love these creatures.


Dizzy-Dick said...

I think they are a great bug and I love watching them. They are pretty good hunters and eat a lot of other insects.

Chaplain Tim said...

I had to "save" a couple of girls from one about that size last night. They were closing up a store and when they went to roll the sidewalk displays into the store, they got about half-way through the door and saw it. Nobody would get within three feet of a resting mantis- (what kind of kids are we raising?) so I coaxed him onto my hand and took him outside. Let him keep eating bad bugs.

SHARON said...

DD....yes they are good hunters.

CT....we are raising a bunch of wusses for children, for sure. I always save the mantis and the walking sticks, which are even rarer. Thanks for stopping by.

Indira said...