Tuesday, October 28, 2014


at my house.  Tuesday, took all three laptops to Best Buy.  The very first HP I bought runs on XP, which is no longer supported.  Norton has run out.  The hinge is broken, so, when you open it up it just lays flat.  It was determined too old to fix, so, just keeping it to play games on.  The second one is a POS Dell that only operated for about a year.  They looked at it and determined it needed a new mother board and processor.  Ouch!  It would be better just to buy a new laptop.  The third one is the HP I use everyday.  It needed a laxative and a good clean, plus the fan runs all of the time and the keyboard gets so hot you can't touch it.  Cat hair you say?  Nah.  Anyhow, Best Buy's infamous Geek Squad performed their magic and I picked the POS Dell and HP up on Sunday.  Going to visit my cousin Jack sometime this week, he fools around with computers so will see if he wants to tinker with it.  Would like to keep it as a backup.  The parts to fix it would only cost a couple of hundred, it's the labor that drives up the repair bill.  Just glad I don't drive an electric car.

So, spent five days without a computer, and, the house is surprisingly clean.  But, then on Saturday, the TV died......dead.  Did all that I could do.  Moved it out and check all of the cords, plugging it in to another socket, pushed all of the buttons.  Nothing, Nada, Zip, Zero, Goose Egg.  When I plugged it back in, the Dish box came on, when I turn the TV on, the Dish box went off.  Stopped at the store where I bought it yesterday.  Nice couple, Ginny and Harry.  Dog lovers.  Sometimes I just stop in to say Hi.  So, explained what I did on Saturday and again on Sunday.  He kept telling me to try this and try that.  "Did that, Harry."  So he tells me, "I'll come down tomorrow morning, but, I know I will probably hit a button and it will come on, then I'll say....'I told you so.'" 
So, this morning I get up, do the morning chores, even run the sweeper.  Cat hair? Nah.  And he calls to tell me he's on his way and will probably take the back off to look at things.
Eww! Get out the Windex and start cleaning the TV.  It has a little O in the front that you put your finger in to turn it on.  [Don't go there]  As I was wiping it off, I hit that.  Yeah, everything came on.  Quickly called Ginny to tell her so she could call Harry back to the shop.  Guess I'll go in today and watch him gloat.  Might as well get it over with.

Had a tragedy on Thursday.  House fire down the road from dad's.  A young mother, 26,  that's been a firefighter for 10 years, just had a baby boy 2 months ago.  She and her husband, also a firefighter, heard the tones go off and got up to respond.  She had a massive heart attack.  They called the ambulance to take her to the hospital but she didn't make it.  I heard later she had blood cots in her lungs.  The firefighters at the scene knew what was going on and still had to fight the fire.  It went to 2 alarms, and they called in 5 other companies.  The house was empty as the tenets were evicted.  Haven't heard the cause yet.  It was just a typical old 2 story frame house, probably 75 years old.  Fully involved when they arrived, went up like a tinder box.



Dizzy-Dick said...

Oh what a shame and a tragedy!! 26 years old and dying of a heart attack. You just never know, that is why we should live each hour as if it were our last and at my age it very well could be.

SHARON said...

DD...That's so true, ain't none of us getting out of here alive.
A month ago, another lady was found dead by her 7 year old daughter. She had just give birth a couple of months ago and was only 42. That was a shock for everyone. Both moms will be in the same cemetery. So sad.