Tuesday, August 3, 2010


I was in heaven this afternoon. At least to me it was. I went over to Dad's about 1:30 and he needed help putting the nose piece on the 1956 JD620. After we got that bugger on I told him I hadn't heard it run. Yesterday, when I left, it wouldn't start. But, later in the day after the fuel got to everything, it finally started. So, I climbed up and tramped down on the starter and WOW, it fired right up. Good old two cylinders, I love 'em. So, he got on the '58 and started it, and, I'm telling ya, there's no other sound. We fussed with them for a minute and then they kinda ran in-sync. Sounded great.
The fair this year is featuring John Deeres, maybe Dad will take one up. That'll be cool!!


cindy said...

A 1958 John Deere 620 was what I drove for several years growing up on a small dairy farm in southern Minnesota. I love the sound of those things! To hear one now brings back sooo many memories.

SHARON said...

When we had the farm, Dad would do field work late into the night. That two-cylinder sound put me to sleep many times.
Thanks for the comment.