Sunday, August 15, 2010


Friday, I met Fred at the local home improvement store. And, NO, its not Home Depot or Lowes, I spend my money local, at privately owned places. I picked up the three boxes of siding, the door hardware and Fred got some lumber. The door was wrong so they ordered another one, be in next week. It started raining anyhow while we had lunch so he wouldn't be taking off the siding and working in the rain so all was not lost. Next Saturday, maybe I'll have the new door in, can't wait to get rid of these %^&*() steps.

Saturday was spent with family. A reunion of sorts, my Dad being the oldest at 92 and little Gracie is 18 months. They took pictures (I didn't take my camera) of the five generations. I love my cousins, 5 of them, 4 guys, 1 girl. They love me, but it seems we hardly ever see each other. We're better than we use to be. It usually was a funeral that brought us together. We learned after losing my mother and their mother (my dad's sister) withing two weeks. So, now we try to be there for each other. I was excited and amazed at the prepper mentality that most of them have. I mentioned to the oldest cousin that we should get a family plan together for when TSHTF. He agreed, we'll see how that goes. Oldest cousin's oldest son is a builder, but with the economy the way it is his business is now just small jobs. I asked him about my hearth problem and he's coming to look at it. So happy!!!

Sunday and there's a pleasant, soft rain going on as I write. I love these days, but, I should have mowed the yard on Thursday. Oh well.

Today, Japan surrendered and WWII was officially over. See anything in the news about it?

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