Thursday, April 28, 2011


Flood watches, thunderstorm warnings, tornado warnings all morning. Been sitting here wondering how I would round up four cats, two dogs, and various 'toys' and sacred stuff. Wouldn't be easy, I should have a plan in place and do a dry run, boy, would that ever freak out the cats!! The sky sure looks weird, really windy. I have a 2 o'clock appointment in a neighboring town. It should be blowed over by then.


HossBoss said...

Always good to have a plan and then practice least once. Dogs are easier than cats, I think. My favorite method for transporting cats is a pillow case. One cat per pillow case, please. Ha! If you have several cats, you can tie a single knot in the end of the pillow case after the cat's inside. The cat will be pissed and probably vocal, but he can breathe fine and can't get away or hurt anyone in the process. When all cats are 'in the bag' so to speak, I open my large dog crate (think 80-lb Old English Sheepdog size). Then I untie the knot in the end of each pillow case ...ONE at a time and still hold the neck closed while you untie the next one ...then lift all bags into the crate and shut the door. The cats will find their way out of their individual bags within a few seconds, only to find themselves in more substantial confinement.

Expect much hissing and slapping to ensue for several minutes. Even if all the cats were friendly with each other before, this whole snag 'em, bag 'em and crate 'em routine tends to make them cranky. Since they are stuck with each other in the crate, they will take their 'cranky' out on each other.

I developed this method when I had to move three cats and thought "I'll just put them in the crate." One cat was easy. Getting the second cat IN without letting the first cat OUT was a little harder. Getting the THIRD cat in without letting one or both of the other cats OUT turned out to be impossible. Hence the pillow case method was born.

: )

SHARON said...

Oh, I have enough crates for all four cats. The two boys could stay together, since they are buddies. The youngest girl is also friendly with them, but the old lady hates all three. So they each have their own to cut down on the squeals. The dogs would be no problem at all....."Oh boy we're going for a ride!!!!"