Monday, January 7, 2013

GOOD GOD IN HEAVEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

as my grandfather use to say.  I've got a dead mouse, somewhere, is it ever getting rank.  Probably under the house.  Lord, God almighty does it stink, and, will most likely keep stinking until the weekend.  Geesh!

Archie has a 'play-date' tomorrow with Titus.  My friends, Trudy and Phillip, got a Doberman puppy last Friday.  She asked if I would bring 'the boy' over as they are trying to get the pup socialized.  This will be interesting.

Got home last Thursday from dad's and as I pulled up to the house to back in the driveway, the heater started to blow cold air.  Hmmmm.  Called the mechanic the next morning after I saw the wet spot on the road and the trail down the driveway.  He asked if I could get it there.   Sure, no problem.  It's about a mile.  Got to the stop sign and it died.  What?  Wouldn't start! What?  Sat there for a minute, called them, Jim said, "OK one of us will be there shortly."  Tried it again, it started, I floored it, got to the garage.  Whew!!!  They started pouring anti-freeze/water in it and it started pouring out the bottom.  Ooops!  Looks like the rad was cracked from the accident last year and  Rich missed it.  Oh boy, now I get to fight it out with the insurance company.  Jim brought me home and I found the bill where I had the radiator replaced in June of 2010.  Went back over to the garage and Sam said, 'Hey, it wasn't a crack after all.  The plug is missing.'  What?  In all of his time spent working on vehicles, he has never heard of that plug just popping out.  He said, 'I've got a new plug coming, we'll fix everything and I want to drive it so I'll drop it off.'  Okey-Dokey!!   $69 is sure better than $400.  There is a God!!



Red Woman said...

Whew! That was close. Glad it turned out to be something small. I wonder how that plug came out.


Dizzy-Dick said...

Ditto above comment. Glad it got fixed. BTW, my grandpa's favorite saying was "Jumping Judas Priests". Have you ever heard that one? He was engineer on the Pennsylvania Rail Road back when they had steam locomotives.

SHARON said...

Red....even my mechanic has no idea how that sucker came out. He has talked to a few people and no one has ever heard of a plug doing that. Whew! close call eh?

DD.....My grandfather worked on the RR also, in WV. I have a friend that says that too!