Tuesday, January 8, 2013

PUP-FEST DAY.............

Took Archie over to Trudy and Phillips' for a play-date with Titus.  What a drop-dead, beautiful dog.  He is just about a perfect Doberman.  Feet the size of saucers.  They tolerated each other, a little growling, Archie curled his lip once when Titus got too close to me.  But it was a good day and we plan on doing it again if the weather stays nice.

Then on the way home I stopped at Bob and Judy's to see their pup, Savannah, a Newfoundlander.  Another sweetie, holds her own with Jasper, who is a full-grown Newf.  She'll be good for him as they lost Caoz this summer and Jasper needed a companion. 

Then, stopped at Dad's and picked up his mail.  He looked really tired and said so.  He is also dropping hints that he needs to go to the doctors, so I think I'll quietly encourage that and see where it goes.

Need to punch up the stove and read the paper.


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Dizzy-Dick said...

Glad the pups had a good time. If your Dad wants to see a doctor, get him there. We old guys don't like to go to doctors, so he must feel he needs to go.

BTW, concerning yesterday's comments, Thanks for letting me know that you also heard that old saying that my Grandpa used.