Thursday, November 21, 2013

HEAVY, HEAVY FROST............

for the past few mornings.  S'pose to rain Friday and Saturday.  Hope it is clear for Turkey Day as we are traveling.  Getting hungry for turkey dinner and all of the fixins. 
New fridge is running so quiet.  Can't believe the old one was almost 20.  Should see a drop in the electric bill.  Still haven't found a stove.  Don't need a fancy one, I wouldn't have a kitchen except it came with the house.
Got propane yesterday, $1.82!!!!  When I stopped in September and asked about the price it was $1.59, but I had too much in the tank then.  Probably shoulda called sooner.  Oh well.  It's still cheaper than oil.  Need to turn the other furnace on in the living room also.  This see-sawing hot-cold days are gonna end and it'll be staying cold. 
Had a real nice dinner with my old boss, and two other ladies I use to work with, on Tuesday night.  We ate at Carrabba's.  Never been there, food was good, but on the expensive side.  Haven't decided where to go in December.  
Just saw three deer running in the back meadow.  Probably just released.  Haven't had any around here for a couple of years.  Couldn't tell if buck or doe.  Didn't have time to get the binos.  Dogs are going nuts.  They'd be the type to chase deer if they could.  A couple in the next town lost their dog to a bow hunter last week.  Fool thought it was a coyote.  She was only 10 months old and had wandered just off of their in-laws property.  The farmer had allowed these two cretons to hunt and the one shot her.  If he is that dumb or blind that he couldn't tell her from a coyote he shouldn't be hunting.  Don't you have to be 100% sure????  Not 'think' it is.....!!!  Investigation is still going on.  Don't know if Game Commission will do anything.  Hope the idiot has sleepless nights.


Oh, the whatzit is a cigar box opener.


HermitJim said...

Be careful on your traveling! Lots of crazies out this time of the year!

Dizzy-Dick said...

OK, I will take your word for the whatzit but I would like to see a demonstration (grin).

SHARON said...

DD-I gave up smoking 10 April 1972
HJ-We will be careful. It isn't a long trip.