Tuesday, December 3, 2013


MONDAY...Dad fell on his deck.  His knees are so bad he has to shuffle now and the toe of his shoe caught a deck board.  I had gone into the house to let Archie off of the leash and turned around to go back out just in time to see him fall forward.  Hit his shoulder, of course..the bad one, on his porch glider and went smack down on both knees.  He says he feels a little better each day, still stiff and sore.  Mighta cracked a rib, hurts to cough.
THURSDAY....Went over to the little Methodist Church for their Thanksgiving meal.  It.was.awesome! 
FRIDAY...Went up to the restaurant for supper as usual.  Closed! What! Seems the town was flushing the system and a pump died at that end.  No good water.  So, waited for the rest of the crew and we decided to go to the restaurant on the other end of town.  Food is good.  Prices are higher.  Atmosphere stinks. 
SATURDAY...went to the cemeteries, not far from my house, to take pictures of the stones.  Got about 44, came home to download on 'puter and put on Ancestry.com.  Did a few and BLAM, gone, file not found.  Not only the ones I had just taken but ALL.OF.MY.PICTURES!!!  I know they're in there somewhere, but, I'm not going to Best Buy around the holidays to get them to look at this thing.  I've also lost my book-marked favorites, three times.  Virus?  Maybe.
SUNDAY...went to my cousins, took pizza, called his brother on the way over and he met me there.  Had a good visit, spent the whole afternoon.  He gave me a walker for dad.  The kind with wheels and brakes an a little seat.  Said he couldn't get it to fold up.  Figured out later you gotta pull the little knob out of the hole.  Well, he didn't actually give it to me, we traded.  I had a new book on the railroad that went thru our hometown a hundred years ago.  Took the authors six years to put it together and it is well worth the price of $75.  I never knew, until Sunday, that cousin use to trace where the tracks went, and try and figure out how they got over to the river.  So, he had three books on the railroad in the next county.  We traded my book for his book and the walker.  Good Deal!!!
MONDAY....went up to the historical society to buy another book.  Told the one author about 'losing my book to my cousin'.  He laughed and said that happens.  This is the time of year that they do their greens sale.  They make all sorts of wreaths, grave blankets, garland, etc. to sell to support themselves.  I have helped in the past, since I've always had a truck, to get the greens.  Don't do that anymore.  Not a member anymore, 'cause they bug ya about being a docent.  But, I do go once in a while if they have a good speaker.  I take Archie to the meetings 'cause they've told me he is their mascot.  The older folks just love him, especially when he's 'stylin' and profilin' in his jeans and t-shirt.  Anyhow, got coerced into making the price tags.  Had a good time.  Then, took the walker over to dad's.  He was out at the barn, mashing cans.  He did use it to walk into the house, with Archie on the seat.  When I left a couple of hours later, it was sitting in the kitchen.  That's probably where it will stay.  I try.


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Dizzy-Dick said...

He is just like all us older men, we would rather do it ourselves!! And we don't like being depended on others and other things.