Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Dogs got me up at 4:30.  Oh well, hit the coffee pot and took them out.  Sheesh, it is cold out with a heavy, white frost.  Walking around the back yard for a minute while they do their stuff.  Saw a falling star, very big, in the western sky!  It's been a few years, I use to see them on the way to work in the morning.  Since I'm rarely up this early anymore, must be why I've been missing them.  Duh!

Going to the range with Bobby this morning.  He's a member, and if I like it there, I think I'll join.  Would be nice to get to know some more fellow shooters.  Was at the restaurant last night and told Chuck of my good fortune of winning that rifle.  Don't ya know, another guy stopped at the table and Chuck told him.  I don't care for this big mouth, he always looks and acts kinda scuzzy.  Anyhow, he immediately asked me if I wanted to sell it.  He had a friend that would buy it.  I told him ''NO".  To which he said, "Oh, I shoulda married you!"  To which I said, "I will NEVER get married again."  And, he asked, "Well, where are you keeping it?"  I told him, "It's locked up in the gun safe."   (Don't have one, yet.)  I then said, "I need to get home to feed the dobermans."  (Don't have dobies either.)  He just looked at me.  Creepy dude.  I wish Chuck hadn't said anything.  Guess I'd better add a rider to my house insurance.

Got both stoves going this morning, house feels cold and damp.  S'pose to rain tomorrow. 



Dizzy-Dick said...

After midnight you start facing in the direction that the earth is traveling and the "shooting stars" get faster and brighter. Great comment to that guy and by the way, that is a great looking rifle. Congratulations.

SHARON said...

Thanks Dizzy, he gives me the creeps. I know he doesn't know where I live, and, I'm sure those that do know wouldn't tell him.