Tuesday, December 6, 2011

THIS AND THAT.............

Raining today into tomorrow.  My outside thermometer is at 48 and the wood stove is making it nice and toasty.  More rain tomorrow and colder the rest of the week.  Soon, I suppose, we be having snow.  Oh well, it is what it is.
Took Daisy to the vet last night.  They had called me to make sure it was me who made the appointment.  Alicia was all in a tizzy 'cause she said "Well, all of her dogs are fixed.  They were just here.  It can't be Sharon, she would've said something!!!!!"  The vet, Mary, told me she was spazzing out; and, yes, Daisy is in heat.  Oh joy.  She keeps throwing herself at Archie, who usually growls at her.  Last night, in the back yard tho, he did try to hump her.  WTH.  Life here at the Meadow House is never dull.  She has to wait until January 9th, I could kill Mike.  I know he said they were both spayed.
Have not fired my new BFF, yet.  Just carrying it to get familiar with the feeling.  Ordered another mag for it.  Will be in next Friday.  Need to get back into more target practice, now that the leaves are off of the trees across the creek.  I know I won't be shooting the heifers.
Took the last of the clothes to the thrift store in town yesterday.  I think that's it for any upstairs.  Might be another bag or two, when I'm done.  Have 3 bags of books for the library and will take them tomorrow when I go for supper, maybe.  Did go to supper last night with Lois, had a bowl of oyster stew.  YUM.  Our mutual friend Cathy just found out she has intestinal cancer and Lois went up the street to see her.  She said she's in a great frame of mind and so is her doctor.  They caught it very early.  She said she keeps thinking of Joyce, Pat and Joanie and how much of an inspiration they all were.
Not much else going on, kinda hunkering down today.  It's a good day to read, but, what day isn't.  Just about done the third book in the trilogy of Matthew Bracken's writings.  SO hard to put down.


Odysseus said...

Our poor cat had the opposite problem, we got her from a shelter were we were legally obligated to have her spayed(to be fair there was a generous coupon).

But when the vet opened her up they saw she already was, poor thing has been spayed twice.

SHARON said...

That happened to Alicia's cat that the Vet, Mary, had rescued. Poor things, once is enuf!!!!