Saturday, February 20, 2010


Had breakfast with Daddy and his lady friend, Miss Sarah, this morning over at the fire hall. Every third Saturday, our Fire Department does a breakfast. On any Saturday around these counties, you can have breakfast at a fire hall. They all do it. It is a nice money maker for the fire department, the food is good and hot and you get to sit and talk with friends or strangers and make new friends. Every one was glad to get out after being stuck at home with all the snow the past couple of weeks.
Caught hell when I got home, the dogs don't like it when I leave them. Worked some more on the living room. It's been a slow process, but I think I'll get one wall done and it's the worse one due to all the repair. I should be able to move along faster now. Then I guess its the kitchen. Leaving the worse rooms for last.
Can't wait for spring and tear out those steps and put in a new entry. I think I'll get the Amish neighbor down the road to fix the barn and then get someone to paint it. The husband of a lady I worked with is a painter and they are really having a hard time. Think I'll hire him to paint it and help them out. I don't need to be falling off a ladder. Then I REALLY need to get stone for this driveway. On and on and on.......

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HossBoss said...

That's life in the country. Always something needs fixing or fixing up. But ain't it great?

It's good that you have good neighbors and friends with handiman skills. Good of you to think of your friend whose husband is a painter when you need that work hired out. I used to love ladders. The ground didn't seem so far away (or hard!) in those days. LOL