Wednesday, February 3, 2010


I had an appointment to get the little guy, Archie, groomed this afternoon. When I got in the truck to go to Dad's, I noticed it was due for service. I figured I would have enuf time to get the truck done and still make the groomers. So, left Dads and went to the dealer hoping they could do it right away. They have not been busy at all this winter. Not so, have to take it in Friday. Well, now I've got an hour to kill 'cause I'm not driving back home and 1/2 hour later, driving back to the groomers (she is just down the road from the dealer). So, went to see a couple of friends at their work. "T" invited me for supper with her guy "P". Another friend, "JP" was meeting them at the Italian restaurant at 6. It was tempting, but I felt I wouldn't have enuf time. Took a rain check. I love to eat out. Especially with friends. Good food, good conversation, lots of laughs, doesn't get any better than that.

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