Friday, February 5, 2010


Had a lot to do today before the storm got here. Took the truck in for service, it also needed a bulb in the tag light and a new end on the hot battery cable. Fine, fix it. Good old PM (Preventive Maintenance), something I am a BIG fan of. Left the garage, went to the hardware store, the convenience store for the milk (no way I was fighting the big grocery stores)went to the bank and then two stores before I found the correct ice melt (its called Safe Paws, for people with pets). Doing great on the time, not even noon, yet. Stopped at the PO to get the mail. Got back in the truck....IT WOULDN'T START!!!!! Called the garage, "Well, all we did was L.O.F." 'No, you also messed with the battery cable.' (It wasn't lose, I checked) Called the roll back guy. "Sure thing, I'll send someone up" An hour later I called him back....'You DO know where the Post Office is, don't you?' "Oh, I called over there and didn't get an answer, then I forgot. I am SO sorry!, I'll send him right away." Half an hour later he shows up all apologetic. He loads up the truck, we get to the garage, unload it. Ten minutes later the mechanic tells need a new starter. They get one sent down from the city, put it on and after four starts, IT dies. GRRRRR. They decided instead of having a crazed, old, white woman walking around, that they would loan me a vehicle. It was a 2002 Chevy 3/4 truck, that was without running boards. I could hardly get my fat a$$ in it. Got to dad's, he was sitting in the kitchen by the phone. "I called you this morning, Tipper died." That's his 16 year old cat. I sure hope he wasn't sitting there all day. He could've called me on my cell phone!!! Got home, brought more wood in. Started the stove again, then went back up to the garage and picked up the truck. I still believe in PM, there was no way I could have known that starter was about to die. With 174K miles on the truck, think how many times it has turned over. What a day.

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