Monday, February 22, 2010


I bought this DELL laptop last Thursday at Walmart. I figured it doesn't matter where you buy them anymore, if something goes wrong, you have to send them back to the company. I don't really like going to Walmart, especially this one, there are 90% Spanish employees and customers there. Now, I have absolutly nothing against Spanish people. Especially if they have a job. But I can't understand them too well, and they talked so fast and SO loud, its annoying.
Anyhow, this thing is a POS compared to my HP. I called DELL this morning and after 45 minutes on the phone with Habeeb, he decides it is not a hardware problem and sends me over to the software techy, Nitish. He tells me I will need to buy a contract for $129. I went balistic. Ended up telling him, 'I'll fix it myself and sell it and buy another HP. Then tell everyone NOT TO BUY A DELL.' To wish he replies, "You would probably have to run the Operating System Disc again to do that." Poor guy was telling me how to fix it. I feel bad for yelling at him now. Anyhow, I uninstalled one of 3 pieces of software, and now, (fingers crossed) it doesn't seem to have a problem.
It has started to rain here now. I think I'd rather see snow, I went out to the barn to make sure the chain saw and other stuff was up off of the floor in case it floods. Getting to the barn is now an adventure, 'cause the snow fell off of the roof and there are ice chunks at the door. Fell on my butt and heard a crack in my back. Of course I fell on my already sore hip. That was yesterday, today I feel better. Took an extra pill last night. If I don't take at least one Naproxen a day, I rust up.

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