Thursday, February 18, 2010


'Puter was acting goofy the last two days. First the keyboard froze so I shut it down and rebooted. It was fine for a day, then, this morning, when I typed IT WAS ALL CAPS BUT THE CAPS LOCK WASN'T ON. I think it was dropping hints, so, I went out and bought a new lap top this evening before I met the gang for supper. Again, I hated to spend the money, but I would go nuts, living here without a computer. My tax refund will cover it, just like buying that little sampler....I stopped the trash pick up which was costing me $38 every two months. I can take a bag to the trash truck in the village for $2. In two years I will recoup the money for the sampler. Life is becoming a give and take scenerio. Sold a holster this week also. This summer I'm taking stuff up to a open-air flea market and selling as much as I can. All that will go into more preps. It's hard not to spend money like I did when I was working. But, those big bucks are no more. Good thing I can live cheap.

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