Friday, June 18, 2010

IT WAS COLD, SO I CAN'T SUE...............

Went out to supper tonight with some of the gang. Sitting there, eating porterhouse steak, stewed tomatoes and cup of home made chicken corn noodle soup. HMMMMMMM. The next thing I know is I'm wearing most of my ice water and Ross is staring at me with eyes as big as my steak was. His wife Artie is speechless and his grandson Mike just says, "Boy, I'm glad I moved. I was sittin there." Ross tried to get a fly that had been bugging us, he missed the fly and upset my water. We all were laughing and sopping it up. I was holding my steak up out of the mess. Any how, they paid for my dinner and by the time we left, most of it had dried on my jeans.

Took some more books to the library and more clothes to the thrift store. Just about got the living room done. Then I think I'll start on the kitchen and 'bird room'. Then the laundry. Leaving the downstairs bedroom last 'cause its the worse.
Also called the auctioneer this week. She was so nice; I explained what my goal was and she said, "Just call us when you're ready and we'll pick it up and let you know the sell date."

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